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Baker Street 



Where bakers like you learn how baking works so you can be the authority in the kitchen.

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Cookie Classes

  • Bake along with me in 4 recorded classes (taught live earlier in 2023).
  • Learn how to make 8 different cookies, all with a specific purpose to teach you more about the makeup and chemistry of cookies.

Create Your Own Cookie Recipe

  • Learn how to create your own cookie in my masterclass where I give you my Cookie Recipe Framework for creating your recipe
  • Plus a walk through of how to put your recipe together
  • And watch our Q&A where I help bakers breakdown their recipes so they know what to do next

How Baking Works

  • 5 lessons on how baking works (specific to cookies)
  • Learn about the science, why cookies spread, hold their shape, are crisp or soft and chewy, etc.
  • Plus, exercises to help you to connect the science to real-life baking
  • And feedback from me in our Facebook group when you have questions!

Bonuses & Perks

  • Bonus resources for the course to help you bake better
  • Access to our Private Facebook community where I answer every question (yes, really!)
  • Growth in confidence and skill level as you work through the classes
  • Support from fellow bakers who care and cheer each other on
  • The confidence to try new things, be brave in the kitchen, and not be afraid of failure. Mistakes are vital to learning and growing, and I hope The Baker Steet Society gives you the confidence to try. Because growth can't happen where there is no action.

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Stay and grow as a baker for as many months or years as you'd like! Join quarterly or yearly, or pick an individual course. Cancel anytime, no questions asked (not that you'll want to cancel once you join, but at least you know the option is there 🙃). It's simple and easy!