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Tarts 101: Learn The Art of Crust

  • June 13th at 10 AM (MDT)
  • Learn how to make traditional tart crusts & patisserie-style crusts with classic French techniques
  • How to troubleshoot common crust problems (shrinking, airpockets, crust not coming out of pan, etc)
  • How to Roll Tart Dough
  • Best techniques for mixing and shaping dough
  • Methods for Baking Crusts

Tarts 102: Classic Fruit Tarts

  • June 22nd at 6 PM (MDT)
  • Learn how to blind bake
  • Make classic pastry cream (Creme Patissiere)
  • Plus variations and flavors for pastry cream
  • Learn professional techniques for showstopping tarts
  • Design beautiful fruit arrangments
  • Plus helpful knife skills for cutting fruit

Tarts 103: Triple Chocolate Mousse Tart

  • July 5th at 6 PM (MDT)
  • How to bake a chocolate crust
  • Mousse 101: Learn to make chocolate mousse (without eggs)
  • Plus white chocolate mousse (tips and tricks for getting it to set up)
  • Learn how to create a beautiful mousse border
  • Plus other designs to make it your own

Tarts 104: Savory Breakfast Tart

  • July 18th at 10 AM (MDT)
  • Learn how to make a savory tart crust
  • We'll learn a classic French filling with a twist
  • Understand the importance of par-baking
  • Tips for creating different types of savory tarts
  • How to use various vegetables and how to prepare them for a savory tart

Tarts 105: Patisserie-Style Lemon Meringue Tarts

  • August 1st at 10 AM (MDT)
  • Take on the art of the lemon tart in this fun class! 
  • Learn the ins and outs of curd (plus how to troubleshoot issues like runny curd)
  • Bake beautiful patisserie style tart shells
  • Make meringue in class along with me and learn how to create beautiful designs

Tarts 106: French Tarte Tatin

  • August 17th at 6 PM (MDT)
  • With autumn just around the corner, this tart is last in the course!
  • Learn how to caramelize apples and properly prepare them for this classic tart
  • Create this delicious apple tart with a simple and delicate crust (and an alternative crust idea)
  • Plus how to make a beautiful apple design
  • And how to use other fruits for a tarte tatin (such as peaches)

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